Thursday, July 16, 2009

letting my hair down

dear diary,

all in all a good day. kanonji meeting felt a little more normal this week. getting back to my old cynical obnoxious self again. got awesome new pen, notebook and "accidental genius" from janell. hannah hit on alex, enjoyed everyone's attention. ate at cafe rodan - good food, would have been better had it not been eaten in 7.5 minuts. wrote quite a bit. read chpter of east of eden. worked on camp stuff - learned a lot more abt capoeira, prettsy much glorified gymnastiecs. learned the meanig of ponte, ginga, quexada, armada, me iea lua de compasso, and pundeiro. none of them english words. wondering how tht's gonna work at english camp? signed up for a heavier work schedule - the more i work the faster this wreckage will clear. played with hannah outside. made pesto with basil from garden - baby spoons are ideal for scraping every last bitr of this liquid green gold form the blender. hannah playe in the tupperware while i blended. made the mistake of letting her handle the juice box on her own. spilled milk i can handle. spilled apple juice drives me batty. can't get the stickines off the floor or my feet. 3-hour power outage made air conditioning not an option - rather nice for voice and skin. wore glasses go give eyes a rest. they're thanking me with uncustomary wakefulness. just sauteed and chillde the veggies for cold spaghetti and put hanna down for bed. set up rehersal with accompanist tomorrow. next: sexy cold shower followed by dinner and sandman. feels good to move. keep it up.


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