Saturday, July 18, 2009

Aplogies in advance . . .

Dear chocolate,

We've had sweet times good 'n' plenty. Through the darkness, the white and the milky bittersweet you've been there for me. Despite the Snickers and skepticism, our bond has improved by leaps and Mounds. On more than one occasion you've inspired me to Godiva in and get my hands messy, showing me that it's ok when when things melt in your hands - in fact, it's kind of fun. I melt when you melt in my mouth, for you've lit a bon-bon fire in my heart. You've caked me in your chocolatey love and nurtured my nougaty center, clearing my mind to better sort out the truth from the cacao . . .

But I'm afraid, dear chocolate, that I've become a cocoadependent mess. And it shows - particularly on my blemish-covered face. Why my face doesn't like you, I couldn't say. It has been the gateway to this romance, inviting your endearing Goobers and Kisses in. It smiled the first time I Skored. It looked the other way when the zipper on my pants wouldn't fudge. It cried when I Cadburied a bag of M&M's in a frothy river of milk. Together you and my face have braved the Andes and York with no commint. We had our eyes set on Mars. It would have been a Milky Way to go.

But life behind chocolate bars is no life at all. So forgive me, chocolate, but I'm pudding you away for a while. Long enough to clear things up between you and my poor pores. I know this love was no ganache-ident, and I will love you until the choco-lypse comes. Think of me with Almond Joy as you bless the world with your Watchamacallit.

That is, if it's not too much truffle.

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courtney*adele said...

absolutely adorable! thanks for the midnight giggles- the perfect ending to my hours of homework!