Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Illustrations of my daughter

A milky belch.
She melts and her
body goes limp,
ready to dream.

She lifts my shirt
through her diaper change.

Her curls spring to perfection
in the summer humidity;
she twirls them with
dimpled fingers.

She wakes up with
rice in her hair.

Bite marks on my book.
At least
it was a good book.

Bowing, she says "Ah-to"
Waving, she says "bye bye"
as her closest friends depart.

She dines on
cherry tomatoes
from the garden.

Her fingers stained
with blueberry juice.

8:00 AM.
She prefers to stay in her crib
and flip through a book.

Her kisses come in threes.


Samantha said...

So sweet!

Aileena said...

That is really sweet! And Hanah looks so adorable.