Monday, October 5, 2009

Summer fajitas

Good Mexican food is so hard to come by in Japan. If you crave it like most of the teachers here, a good supply of chili powder, cayenne, red chilis, and mixed seasonings for tacos and fajitas can go a long way in staving off the homesickness. These are some fajitas I made with onions, bell peppers, yellow zucchini, okra and tomatoes. Saute everything except the tomatoes until they are as soft as you prefer for fajitas. Add the tomatoes last and saute for a couple minutes more. Sprinkle on your favorite seasoning and you're good to go! I have a recipe for tortillas, but you can also find flour tortillas at APrice and some other grocery stores. For toppings, try shredded cheese, salsa, and instead of sour cream I use non-fat plain yogurt - it really tastes the same, and the sour cream in Japan has the consistency of cream cheese - blech. Sometimes you can find a good avocado at the supermarket, too.

P.S. For those who don't really care for my recipe and food blogs, I'm sorry. I wrote these up and saved them as drafts a couple weeks ago . . . you know, for a rainy day. Or week. This happens to be one of those weeks (literally and figuratively), so food it is! More personal stuff when my writing fingers heal . . .

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