Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Countdown: #2

Michael Jackson: Thriller (sorry, couldn't embed this one!)

One more day! What's everyone being/doing for Halloween?


Katie said...

We're going to a party at a couple of friends' house... they're going to have a zombie makeup station, so it's going to be an all zombie event. I'd like to point out that Marc and I were WAAAAAAAAAY into zombie movies before the recent popular obsession with them. :) When do we get to see Ms. Hannah's costume!?!?

Suzie said...

Soon as I can figure out how to make a dog tail that doesn't look like a penis. The stuffed sock isn't working so well . . .

courtney*adele said...

first, instead of a sock, you should try a cheap black stocking... i think that might be less penis-ish (that's too much fun to type by the way!)

and i'm totally doing up the 80's-ness just to piss miyuki off... chris' new costume is going to really make her mad, so we are planning our halloween revenge so we feel a little bit better :)

Megan said...

It's so fun to have a baby to dress up this year. I think Reed and I are doing the Greek god/goddess thing this year....not very original, but whatever.

I'm so glad you blog. So glad.

How are you???? :)

Suzie said...

I'm decent, how 'bout yourself?! I'm glad you blog too. It's a good habit to get into, especially when you have family and friends across the globe.

How's motherhood treating you? Cal is beautiful. So are you. :)