Friday, October 16, 2009

Off I go

Hans is nice enough to take Hannah with him to classes on Friday afternoons so I can have some much needed "me" time. I usually (sadly) spend the afternoon in the house - reading, napping, writing, talking to friends and family online. Not today. I'm unplugging myself and taking a hike. Packing my water, apples, books and notebook to crunch through the leaves and find a place where I can cry for my losses and remember my blessings. See you later.


courtney*adele said...

so, how'd it go?? hope you had fun!

Suzie said...

Hey thanks! It was a nice hike. I explored some of the mountains in this area. They're beautiful.

Samantha said...

Ah that's awesome. I wish I had me time like that once a week. I mean I kind of get it during naps daily but I feel like that doesn't count all the way... Things are too busy right now for us to really do that but it's so good for a mom. I should give William credit though, he gives me that time whenever I actually ask for it, no matter how busy he really is. It's just hard with being in grad school, you know? And breastfeeding limits how long I can be away. I just feel like that's rushed, you know? I also wish we got dates more often, do you guys get dates? Seems like it. Way to go Team Stephensen!