Friday, August 21, 2009

The Ruby Suns

. . . are my favorite today. If you like Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear or Fleet Foxes, take a listen. If not, take a hike. ;) Sea Lion is an album for summer and sunshine. Ukuleles, auto harps, African beats, curious mixes of ambient sound . . . whimsical, fantastical, beautiful. I included 6 of the album's 10 tracks . . . the others are just as good, though. :)


Maynard W. Bitumbuntz said...

cool stuff, suz - kind of sounds like Flaming Lips - I really like the ambience to it - its a mix between syth stuff, sound effects and great vocals - very cool - thanks for the recommendation. All of it sounds good, but I particularly like the second track, "Remember" - Very cool. Where are you picking up all this music lately?

Suzie said...

Glad you like it. I find stuff here and there - recommendations, other blogs, and "Genius" on iTunes are my main sources. Sigh. I miss the record store days.

Did Peter and Lacy ever get you interested in Fleet Foxes? I think you'd dig 'em.

Maynard W. Bitumbuntz said...

Maybe...hey, if you want to see that pearl story, tell me asap, cause I go onto the trail tomarrow. I took it off the blog, cause I didn't want it to be misunderstood. Anyways, let me know.

Suzie said...

I've got it on email. I'm curious to hear what it's about, but it can wait until you're off the trail.