Monday, August 31, 2009

Portraits of my daughter

We bite a juicy peach
together, bumping noses.
We giggle
juice dripping down our chins.

Mesmerized with concentration
sifting sand between her fingers
dirt smudged on her face.
We paint pictures on her tray
blueberry smoothie.

We point in wonder
and make fish faces
at our glassy reflection.Making snow out of tissues
we throw into the fan.
It swirls around us
a blizzard in August.

Refusing sliced apples
and cooked carrots.
They taste better
whole.Flipping French toast,
She smells like morning.Engaged,
oblivious to her beauty.


Marc said...

Totoro! She's growing up into a lovely girl.

Aileena said...

She is so lovely. And you are too. I love you both.

Johann said...

I love this blog. You always do such an amazing job of portraying the essence of life with Hannah.