Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Under Construction

Ok, I know I haven't blogged much recently, and it sucks! So, this is me, promising some blogs in the next week. This is both so you all know I haven't forgotten my blog, and so that by making a public promise I'll get motivated to get the dang things written! Ugh, that has to be the ugliest sentence I've ever constructed. Anyway. Here's what I'm going to write about:

Momblog: Hannah update
The Holidays

Come on, you know you're excited. I know I am. Now, I have to go dislodge Hannah from whatever chair/table/corner she's backed herself into, so the screeching will stop. Yeah, she's still only scooting backwards...

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Aileena said...

I like your background! Its very fun. I saw Twilight last night. Good fun. You'll like it I think. I also Australia. Hugh Jackman... And he has a beard like Rick's. Besides that, its a sweet story and the little boy is a cutie.