Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ayaka and Yasuaki

Yesterday we went to Megumi's daughter's wedding. It was soooooo beautiful and classy! The wedding was a traditional Shinto ceremony in the hotel's very own shrine. Ayaka was beautiful in her white kimono, though it was a little difficult to see her face. :) She also wore three other oufits throughout the evening!

Despite being terribly busy, Megumi and Shigeki were so kind, and took the time to stop and chat with us. Megumi had a great time showing off her "granddaughter Hannah chan."

The reception blew us away. Not only did we enjoy a delicious 8-course meal (yes, those are gold flakes sprinkled on the sashimi), but Megumi sat Hans, Hannah and me right at her own table with Shigeki, their son Takahito, and their nephews. We were honored to be considered a part of her family. Even Hannah had her own little seat, name card and all.

I sang three songs during Ayaka and Tasuaki's candle service. I think it went fairly well, though we had to cut the last song short for timing purposes. I have a video, but....well, you know how I feel about that. :)


Katie said...

You look so lovely in your blue dress! Debi just arrived here today from Sendai and she looked at the pictures of the wedding with us on your facebook... she said that it looks like it was a beautiful traditional ceremony! Man... I don't think I could have handled that many costume changes on my wedding day.

And put that video up! :)

Aileena said...

That wedding is gorgeous. Seeing Megumi in her beautiful Kimono, just made me super sentimental, and I got teary eyed. I love all of Ayaka's dresses. And you look stunning in your blue dress. I agree, I want to see the video.

Samantha said...

Their dress changes are crazy! Congrats to them. Megumi is so sweet. Your friendship with her is awesome. I have some of the nicest memories with her, but we definitely weren't there long enough to enjoy how great she is. I'm so happy for her daughter. And you look great!!!