Friday, November 28, 2008

Things to be Thankful For

My daughter
A raise
A work-at-home job
Health insurance
Singing gigs
Friends coming back to Japan
4 years of wedded bliss
Dad's successful surgery
Christmas in Korea with family and friends
Amazon Japan
Good Books
Japanese friends
Grad School for Hans
President Elect Barack Obama
New recipes
New babies
Fresh Produce
Frankie and Winston staying with the Stephensens
Our trip home last summer
Fleece, Slippers, Tea and Hot Water Bottles
English-speaking Doctors
New Music


Aileena said...

Suz, I love you! Those are fantastic. I should say what I am grateful for too, instead I just complained. But thankfully, I did say what I was grateful for to my hubby on thanksgiving

Anonymous said...

yeah!!!! we made number 5 on the list.

Suzie said...

This list is in no particular order!

Brandon and Cody Roper said...

What is Hank doing for grad school?!

Suzie said...

Emergency Disaster Relief Management