Thursday, December 18, 2008


Late late late! I actually didn't take any pictures of our little Japanese Thanksgiving, but luckily some of the other teachers did.

Janelle and Heather mashin' potatoes.

Daddy-daughter time.
Hannah making friends.

Our cute lil' turkey.

Thanksgiving Japan style.


Samantha said...

So did someone with a baby move in? That might be nice for you guys to hang out with, if you get along. If not, then, not. B/c trust me, I know from experience that just b/c you have a baby does not mean you will like each other or be friends.

Aileena said...

That looks like fun. Who's baby is that?

Suzie said...

Their names are Roger and Adina. They have two little boys, and we knew them back home in Leavenworth. We're only acquainted though, and they live in Kanonji, so we don't really hang out much...