Friday, November 7, 2008

Hannah's 6th Sense

It's strangely satisfying that my daughter can sense when something's "not right" about a person. There are only a few people who have ever made her cry just by looking at her, and I have to say, she is SO right to be afraid of them.


Samantha said...

That's really cool, isn't it?
I find that, for better or worse, Zara is very in tune with me. If I am in a bad mood, she senses it. But it gets out of control!! Like if she's being "challenging," let's say (read: annoying), and I am getting, well, annoyed, she gets more challenging/annoying/whiny, and I get more annoyed and angry, and things just escalate. I end up just having to hug her and cuddle her for a while and then we both feel better. She totally knows my moods. Or if I'm hectic, trying to get things done or get ready, and I need her to just play by herself, she without fail gets really clingy and nervous. It's quite inconvenient! She needs to know she is the center of my universe at all times.

I want to know who this person you are happy she's nervous about is!

Anonymous said...

yes, as do I, Suz - you've got my interest piqued? Who, pray tell? (If you say me, I'm gonna puch you.)

Suzie said...


Your "puches" mean nothing to me.


Maria Elena said...

Babies definitely have an innate ability to sense people. Emma was especially keen on detecting "bad people". I think that babies are far more sensitive because they are so pure and untainted...unlike us calloused, oblivious adults.

Aileena said...

That is really cool that she can sense that. I am glad I never made her cry. I can't wait to see you guys again!