Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Election day is upon us (well, in Japan anyway), and I know I'm not the only one pacing back and forth while biting my nails at the possible outcomes.

It's been quite the remarkable campaign season. I've learned more about my friends' and relatives' political and religious opinions than I ever cared to know. For some, I was pleasantly surprised. For others, I was appalled. I now understand the old adage that family and politics don't mix well (in this case, family/friends and politics).

I look forward to the end of this race. Not only has it added stress to my relationships, but it has greatly shaken my faith - in people, mostly. At the same time though, I think this process has been healthy. It's good to shake things up a bit - to find where people stand, and why they stand there. It's been uplifting seeing apathy change to awareness. It's been inspiring watching people become politically active and trying to educate themselves on the issues and fight for what they think is right. Way to go, America! We did something right!

By the same token, I also look forward to forgetting what everyone's political opinions are. :) And not receiving campaign email forwards like:

"Obama Not Born in the US"
"Surprise Gay Day in California Kindergarten"
"The Church and Prop 8"
"Huntley Brown -- Why I Can't Vote for Obama"

If you want to share your political opinion with me, let's chat. But please don't use my email to send me this nonsense! Trust me, I'll be much more likely to listen if you just talk to me. If it's important enough to you, say it yourself, don't let "forward politics" say it for you. I'll most likely delete it or send it to my junk mail anyway.

Obama has a good chance of winning. I can stop pacing about that. But if Proposition 8 passes, I will be devastated to say the least. Will civil rights triumph over religious bias? Or will dogmatism, fanaticism and injustice run rampant across the nation once again?

Only time will tell.


Rick said...

I'm biting my toenails and pacing on my hands, I'm so nervous.

Rick said...

no, for reals, though - not being able to participate is killing me - I wish I had my AZ registration and could make my voice heard there and for the president.

Maria Elena said...

I am overwhelmed with joy and pride tonight.
Mark said this would be a great year...I had no idea.

Suzie said...

Yeah, well, I knew he would. The outcome of Prop 8, however, doesn't look so hopeful. 102 and 2 already passed. :(

Maria Elena said...

I can't believe those propositions even made it to the ballot.
I can't believe the citizens of Arkansas voted against same sex couples adopting children...denying abandoned children of loving homes...they'd rather they grow up parentless and unwanted...all in the name of their God's word.
What bothers me most is that the lifestyles of others affects me and my family none...who am I to vote on the rights of others...aren't these rights inherent to Americans?
Mark and I know a great same sex couple. They have a beautiful daughter. They are productive citizens. They are a loving family...and they were married in California.
Unfortunately, Proposition 8 could nullify their marriage. I couldn't imagine someone telling Mark and I that are marriage "didn't count" and we weren't afforded the same rights as every other married couples (and tax payers) in the United States...because they didn't like the color socks we wore. When it comes down to it...that's about the depth of the argument against same sex marriage.
I bet that the fundamentalists didn't consider the fact that if the government (and society) legitimized same sex marriage, that (much as the perception of African Americans) unbiased children would grow up to hate one less thing in life...which may ultimately contribute to a more peaceful world as a whole.
That would be a lot to ask of the gun-slinging, school yard bullies known as "The Republican Party".

Tenessa said...

Sorry I sent you that email. But I'm not strong enough to debate against you. I hope you are doing well.

marklj said...

Well, I voted No in Florida and it didn't help. So I guess its time for me to move my residency to a state that isn't full of a bunch of bigots.