Friday, October 3, 2008

VP Debate - Biden my time to BaRACK ON!!!

I was much more impressed by the VP debate than the presidential debate. Questions were still avoided (more on Palin’s part than Biden’s), but a lot more was discussed. They even hit on gay rights! My impression at the end of the debate, actually, was that BIDEN should be the one running for president. We’ll see how Obama pulls through in the next month.

I was going to give a lot of opinions in a long, drawn-out play-by-play, but you don’t want to read that. Simply said, Obama and Biden will win this election. If they don’t, then America is even more masochistic than I thought, and I probably won’t be returning to live there any time in the next 4-8 years. I appreciated Biden sticking to the facts, and even pointing out where he and Palin agreed. I thought it funny, though, when Palin was SO vague in her stance on gay rights that Biden capitalized on the opportunity and said they agreed on that one, when they both knew they didn’t. Palin has said before that same-sex couples shouldn’t receive state health benefits, whereas Biden and Obama support giving them visitation rights in the hospital, rights of joint property ownership, and rights of health and life insurance. Am I to understand, then, that treating same-sex couples like normal human beings and average US citizens is actually OPTIONAL? Scary.

All in all, I learned a lot more from these two than Obama and McCain. Palin has a hard time covering up her inadequacy in any topic other than Alaska, and even THAT is questionable. Biden is your average politician, able to spin any sentence on a moment’s notice. I have to give props to Biden, Obama and McCain – campaigning for the presidency as members of senate is SO much harder than running as a Governer, especially when your voting record is out there for all the world to see.

Waiting for my absentee ballot to arrive in the mail….


Samantha said...

My favorite part was when she was like, "I may not answer your questions but I'm going to give straight talk to the American people." AKA, "I am going to stick to all the things I've learned in my cram-sessions the last week b/c that's all I know."

Maria said...

I guess we are in a position to determine, "What qualifies an individual to become President?"
Is it decades in the Senate? Or is it living life, fight thru life, making it in life as a guy from common beginnings? I'm sure there a million different answers from a million different people.
The reality is that Obama and not Biden who won the nomination...from the popularity of constituents and his party.
I believe Obama made an excellent choice for his running mate; whereas McCain choice only indicated panic and desperation.
I get scared inside when I see people "want it bad". That's not public service, that's self-service.
I was more impressed with the second Presidential debate. I believe issues were discussed (more than the first one, but not completely) and demeanors really came out.
(you should read my blog too)
I think Tim Robbins summed it up best on the John Stewart's Show by saying, "I just want someone smart to run this country!"

Maria said...

Forgive my broken English. I lose all ability to edit when I am heated.

marklj said...

Am I the only person on this planet (other than Matt Damon) who thinks that Palin needs to answer the following question:

Do you believe that dinosaurs roamed the earth 4000 years ago?

I have a sneaking suspicion that her answer is 'yes.' And if it is, there is no need to ask her anything else....because she is so completely outside the mainstream (that is, mainstream scientific fact) that the American public need not waste anymore energy on her.

But no one has the nuts to ask that question. Why?