Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I quit caffeine cold turkey when I became pregnant with Hannah. Before that, I had a minor caffeine addiction - headaches, sleepiness after the high, etc. It was difficult to overcome, and not something I want to do again. Last week I had my first Diet Coke in a long time. It was heaven in a bottle. I got so much done that day! So the little wheels in my addiction-addled brain are beginning to turn again. Is caffeine really so bad, if I learn how to take it in moderation? There's a certain "zing" I get from it that no amount of rest or exercise can duplicate. Is that bad?

So, today I had my second Diet Coke, and I'm restless! I want to get things done - lots of them. Laundry, cooking and work are all fine, but they aren't satisfying. I want to create. My resources here are limited, but I can write. I just don't consider myself creative enough to write something worthwhile. Instead, I spend most of my time reading, critiquing and editing other people's work. When is it my turn to be the author?


Anonymous said...

okay, first rule of life: creating is the sum total of life - the reason we're here - so if you are feeling the urge to create, then do it, dang it! Don't enable someone else - do it yourself. You're brilliant. do it.

On caffine. It is my expressed conviction that there is no natural stimulant or depressant, for that matter, on God's green earth that is not here for a reason. That reason is to help us - in MODERATION - - My wife said she wanted to give up caffine - I talked her out of it. If you can use it in moderation, it can enable creativity, allow for mor natural production, and efficiency. I'm all about it.

Samantha said...

How do you find time to read?!I am really jealous of that.

I keep saying this in response to all my friend's no-soda posts- I drank soda almost once a day (not a large quantity though) while I was pregnant and nursing. I know people may think this is bad. I probably shouldn't have. But everything I read said it was probably fine. However I can list a million reasons why it's better not to. So, I'm FINALLY beginning my quitting journey, b/c I too was addicted. I haven't had one in a few days now, and I'm fine! I have a cold but I don't think that's related. Anyway I agree with Rick here. Just don't have one every day or you'll get re-addicted. I also agree with him on creating something. Heck, if you have the time, do it do it do it!

Marc said...

Katie drinks 14 diet cokes every day. Yesterday she painted a mural on the side of our building. But she also killed and ate two, the choice is yours.

marklj said...

You know, in Iraq and Afghanistan soldiers have an interesting problem: they're coming down with kidney stones in droves. No one knows why, but there are some interesting theories. One is the bottled water. All of the bottled water they drink is fortified with vitamins/minerals....and they drink a lot of it. And when they're not drinking bottled water, they're drinking soda.

Everything in moderation.

Speaking of which, Maria and I tried the home-brew last night: it kicks ass. I can't wait for the next batch to finish fermenting....Hawaiian Wheat Ale. Why is it "Hawaiian"? Cause we're drinkin' it IN Hawaii. (In moderation of course).

If you can't think of anything to write, you should try imitating your favorite writer. It's a good writing exercise and you'll be surprised at how good you sound when you're borrowing someone else's voice. I used to try to write like Tim O'Brien, but it'll work with anyone. Just read something they wrote and then write a similar story of your own.


Rick and Aileena said...

Here is what Rick's wife thinks. If anything becomes an addiction whether it be alcohol, exercise, movies, caffeine, whatever-then I think we should give it up temporarily to show self control-then if we really feel that we don't need it then we can go back to including it occasionally-but if it becomes a need again, then we should give it up. Hey if you guys are still coming at Christmas (hoping, praying, fingers crossed) then we are totally going to one of the tea shops here. They are awesome. I love you and miss you!