Monday, October 20, 2008

The Love We Left Behind

I miss these little guys.


Brandon and Cody Roper said...

You poor thing! I so wish we could have adopted them for you :(

K, this is how lame I am, I just NOW figured out you have a BLOG! And do you have another one that's by invitation only? I keep seeing your comments and thinking, why the heck don't they do a blog so I can write comments back!? I'm so happy! And Brando's going to love it too, I can't wait to show him! Wow I'm slow.

I'm blond, remember?

Marc said...

I've met these little guys. It's too bad that dogs are illegal in Japan.

Rick and Aileena said...

I know, I'm so sad for you. I don't even like pets. But its funny, we got attached to this little pocket scottish terrier here, and I've thought about getting it just for Asia, but if we went to Japan I wouldn't even be able to take it! So sorry.