Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What happened in June

June was momentous. Not only did I audition for and get the part of Cinderella in our summer community theater production (more on that later), but I found out I was pregnant with our second child! Actually, I found out about both on the same night, so needless to say it was difficult getting to sleep that night. I was worried about how I would keep up with the rigorous demands of playing a lead role if I wasn't feeling so hot, but luckily this pregnancy has been pretty easy breezy so far. We are having a boy in February. More on that later, too. :) Here's what the rest of June looked like:

We went strawberry picking with Kerri and Golden and picked about 4 lbs of strawberries! Hannah probably also ate a pound, as none of the berries she picked made it into the basket.
I figured the best way to use them all up was to make puree. So I started stemming, stemming, stemming . . .
 We made the best popsicles and sorbet EVER, but I couldn't find my photo of the sorbet. It didn't last long.
 We also made strawberry cupcakes with strawberry butter cream on top. They were as divine as they look.
Hannah acquired some new skills. Woodworking, for instance. She worked hard in Home Depot's kids workshop to make a cell phone caddy for Father's Day
She also learned how to paddle around Aunt Amy's swimming pool in floaties and a life vest, which made pool time infinitely more fun for all of us!
Lots of Daddy-daughter time was spent in the hammock. :)
And I finally caught the thrifting/garage saling bug. Leavenworth has phenomenal thrift stores and yard sales. This was one of my first exciting finds - a handmade train table, complete with tracks and trains, for $35. The best part is the legs fold under, so you can slide it under a bed for storage, if needed.
 We had a couple fun encounters with our Kansas state reptile this summer, including this one we rescued from the highway. If you're a parent, you'll understand why this event deserves three photos. 
 Setting him free for new adventures.
Be safe, little thrill seeker!
Thanks to Uncle Pete's mad negotiating skills, the best slip 'n' slide ever was procured from a local construction company that was downsizing. With a little dish soap and water, those kids were flying down the hill at record speed. Luckily there were giant bales of sod to stop them from hitting the barbed wire fence at the bottom.
And we continued to eat well, getting a large portion of Jed and Amy's swiss chard overload. I love Hannah's face in this picture. "Swiss chard? Again?"

Growing a fetus, playing a princess, rescuing turtles . . . that about wraps up June! We did quite a bit of fun crafting over the summer, but I'll post about those in an all-craft post! Stay tuned!


WeAreTheRopers said...

Thank you for the great updates and pictures!!! And YAYYY for the forth coming addition! And YAYYY for Cinderella! And YAYYY for Hannah and turtles, chickens, and slip n slides!

Suzie said...

Yaaaay for your new baby! How are you doing?!