Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Our First Month of Preschool

Meet our preschool co-op. We sing, we craft, we read stories, eat healthy snacks, and one of our moms (my sister in law Kerri) lives on a farm, and hosted our first month of preschool. Here are our adventures from that month.

In September our theme was farming and fall. On this particular day we made apple crowns, read "Ten Apples Up On Top," and ate apple compote. Here's MaryAnn, one of the wonderful women in our co-op.

Kerri is our farmer mama, and so, so, creative with children. We made these cute little toadstool pillows for story time. Each child's is so unique!

When the older siblings are out of school, we all go to the park and play in the dirt. I loved seeing the little city they built from old bottle caps and things they found lying around the park!

I think the giant cockroach is a nice touch, don't you?

Hannah loves her cousin, Baby Rivers. She's going to be a great older sister. :)

 For our last day of preschool on the farm (at least until the rotation hits Kerri again), we had a special treat  - a field trip (literally) on Farmer Glen's tractor trailer!

He even let the kids climb around and explore the tractor. How cool is that?

Golden was a wonderful tour guide, and even let the kids sit on HIS red tractor. :)

I'm so thankful for this group of friends who have taken such an interest in the teaching and enrichment of all our kids. I hemmed and hawed about enrolling Hannah in a regular preschool in town, but what is a classroom filled with plastic toys, two teachers and 20 kids, compared with this:
No contest.

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