Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thanks, Bomb Man

for making an already horrendous and difficult flight with a lap infant that much harder. Seriously dude, fuck you.


Samantha said...

Oh my good heavens. I can't believe all the stuff you can't do now on international flights- they are gonna be IN FOR IT with all the crabby kids. What are you supposed to do with them? Tell your 1.5 year old to just sit quietly and think? Holy cow. I sympathize with you. I kind of understand how they are just trying to keep everything safe but that's getting Nazi. Like, you can't do anything, in the name of safety and liberty and freedom! Heh? In any other situation, like on land for example, people would label that fascist. I mean how far can we take rules for safety, you know? Are we all gonna be in bubbles one day? And if they are trying to discourage people from flying, done and done. Then again I want to avoid flying if at all possible until my kids are much much older anyway even without all those rules. GOOD LUCK SUZIE! You can do it.

Tenessa said...

Ugh. I'm sorry, Suzie!