Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Simple Things

I've been keeping this list on my facebook, but I wanted to share it with my family here. These are a few things that make me happy.

Lemongrass exfoliating foot scrub
Hannah’s 6:00 AM smile after a good night’s sleep
Funny YouTube videos
Locally grown fruits and vegetables
Funny T-shirts
Chunky jewelry
New Recipes
Wild Rice
Shopping all day with my mom
The smell of a new book
Going on a surprise date with Hans
Cooking yummy, healthy meals
Harvest Season
Paid Vacation
Pizza Marino’s dessert bar
Curry and naan
Yogurt raisins and yogurt pretzels
The Princess Bride
Playing hostess to friends
Rainy Season
Peppermint and rosemary healing foot lotion
Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto
Cold somen noodles in Shodoshima
New clothes
Seeing Hannah figure out the world
Nap time
Visiting friends and family
Natural hot springs
Mint chocolate chip ice cream
The smell of Hannah’s head
Changing Hannah’s diaper (what makes her happy, makes me happy)
Grilled pineapple
New office supplies
Fresh mountain air
Cherry blossom season
Taking baths with Hannah
Doing nice things for people who don’t expect it from me
New curtains
Re-reading my favorite books
Hearing my sister's voice
Being tickled by Hans
Watching Hans tickle Hannah
Riding my bike to the grocery store
Knowing that I'm loved.


Rick said...

I love this, because when you wrote it on facebook, we'd just been doing youtube videos like a day before, and a bunch of them just reminded me of us and you, and and us and you. That is, some of them reminded me of the four of us together, and some reminded me of just me and Aileena, and some reminded me of just you guys...but all good.

Katie said...

You and I share a lot of favorite things. It kind of makes me remember why we were friends in the first place!

And we decided to follow in your footsteps: So far, we've enlightened the internet with a review of the Office season premiere and something about Pringles. Get ready for brilliance.

Samantha said...

A lot of these things remind me of Japan!

Suzie said...

Do you ever miss it? I didn't think I would when we went back to the US for 3 weeks, but I was surprised at how much I take for granted here!