Thursday, September 18, 2008

Please Wipe Feet

A friend of Hans' has labeled me as a feminist, because "I'm mean." Seriously, how dim can you get? He says I've changed since I had Hannah, that I'm more confrontational and outspoken. I'll agree with the latter. I made a choice a while back to be more honest with myself and others, and I know that honesty can have its repercussions. I'm willing to take the hit when my openness insults others, or makes them feel uncomfortable. I'm not too small to say I'm sorry. That doesn't change how I feel, though.

Feminism has gained a really bad rap over the years. Yes, I believe in equality of the sexes, but I do NOT believe that men and women are the same. I doubt this guy even knows what feminism is, but if he thinks a feminist is a woman who isn't meek, submissive and passive, then yes, I suppose I am a feminist. Why is it that women who speak their minds as much as men do are labeled as feminists (or, even funnier, "masculine")? What is wrong with telling people how I feel? I'm sorry, but I refuse to be ashamed. If you want the kind of woman who meekly obeys, agrees with everything you say and do, and spends all of her time accommodating you and your sexist opinions, marry a doormat. And don't complain when your friend chooses a woman who thinks for herself and doesn't put up with the crap that comes out of your mouth.


Katie K. said...

Suzie, I'm glad you're blogging. :) I wish I had the time to maintain one.

Have you ever read "Feminism is for Everybody" by bell hooks? She is my favorite author and writes so eloquently that I find myself nodding and saying things out loud back to the pages of my books. It is a wonderful primer on the principles of feminism. It's an easy read that Marc and I recommend to all of our friends and family members who seem to have their minds made up about what feminism is and who feminists are. Perhaps Hans' friend would benefit from spending some time looking through it. I re-read it probably 5-6 times a year.

Suzie said...

Thanks Katie! I will check it out. I doubt I'll get the friend to read it, but I'll try. You should really start a blog. I know it takes time, but you have such good things to say!

Samantha said...

That guy sounds like a doooouuuuche, which is a word I need to stop using. How's THAT for feminism!??

I'm glad you have a blog too.

I was into feminism for a while. Like reading about it. I am still interested.

I have listened to Andrew Bird and he doesn't float my boat yet, but I like Fiest. Are you on or pandora?

Your blog has been bookmarked. I check daily so watch out.

Rick said...

I was going to call him a dousche too. I'm feminist - I've been labeling myself that for years. And I'm a dude. So stick that in your pipe.

Suzie said...

Ok, I should say that the guy isn't a douche. He can be a nice guy, he's just very set in his ways, which are traditional and patriarchal. He is also stubborn, and very difficult to convince when he's done something wrong. I honestly don't think he knows how he comes across to people, and I don't know how to get through his thick skull sometimes. But other times he can be very understanding and considerate. I mean, no one's personality is black and white.

marklj said...

You guys can't keep calling Hans a douche. Its just not nice.

I'm with you Suz! Let's go burn some bras!

-Your sexist big brother