Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Old Friends

I've been living in Japan for a year and a half now. When we decided to come here, Hans and I had little time to get our affairs in order. Two weeks, in fact. In that short two weeks, we packed 4 suitcases to take with us, packed up the rest of our house, moved our things into storage, and said good bye to our two sweet little puppies. Since then, I have missed many things - my dogs, my recipe books, my kitchen utensils, my clothes, my books.....but one thing I did not foresee missing so desperately, one thing I didn't know I couldn't live without, was my music.

Why did I pack it away? What was I thinking? I know what I was thinking - 50 lbs. Not a lot you can do with 50 lbs, especially when our contact in Japan is telling us to pack a year's supply of deodorant and toothpaste (don't they brush their teeth in Japan??). I've regretted the decision to leave my music - my life - behind. It's time to make things right. My mom - bless her soul - is sending a selection of my favorite scores, via Hans' brother Travis in Korea (who has an APO address). I am, in turn, sending her a check for the shipping. All this time, and that's all it took??

My mouth is watering just thinking about those precious books, their covers worn with weather, travel and love. I keep thinking about which songs I'll look at first. Schumann's "Frauen Lieben und Leben" - a cycle I've wanted to learn, but never got around to. "Song to the Moon," from Rusalka - one of my favorite arias. Wolf, Schubert, Poulenc, Faure, Handel, Barber, old friends. I've missed them. Who needs toothpaste?

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