Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cat Sketch Fevah!

Best. Title. Ever. (It's so not.)

Ok, the challenge I gave myself this week was to use my mad circle-drawing skills to draw two animals that are at least semi circley. PAhahahahahaha! Oh dear . . . here are the results:
Not only is the lawn covered in chattery squirrels right now (so you'll probably be seeing more of these), but I watched Eddie Izzard for the first time the other night. This picture is dedicated to him. :) It was a super quick draw, and a much needed confidence booster when I later tried to tackle this cat:
*Picturing myself actually tackling a cat . . .* A little off, isn't he? I think it's the eyes . . . or the ears . . . or the tilt of the head. SOMETHING isn't right. Clearly my cat needs work, though I will say this is still a vast improvement from milk bottle kitty . . .
. . . whose poor little paws don't even touch the ground. Le sigh-meow.

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Anonymous said...

honestly, I am really impressed - thats cool. I wish Aileena would get the drive to start drawing