Monday, April 12, 2010

By Popular Demand (seriously?)

Keep in mind these are always written when I'm half asleep. :)


I'm a part of some reality show - one where eliminations are made based on personality, lack of preparedness, and other factors that no one really understands. There is a black man who is usually the best swimmer of all of us. He has suddenly lost the ability to hold his breath underwater. A blonde woman is coaching him - trying to diagnose the problem. She is one of the people to beat - always thinking ahead to the next challenge, finding a way to make her case look good. She hides frozen pizzas in the freezer, along with most of her belongings. That's how she's able to travel so light, I think. In reality she is a shopoholic - which, if the judges found out, would get her booted off the show. But they won't find out. She's just that good at the game. She figures out what the black man's problem is. He's gay, and he's so in love with her he can hardly breathe. After this revelation, we expect this man will be eliminated soon.

I'm in a gift shop in a small Bavarian town. I only have 20 dollars to survive on, but that doesn't stop me from picking up a few sweets, intending to give them to a friend as a gift. A rich Asian girl walks into the shop and buys everything I was about to buy, plus a beautiful (expensive) bag to put them in. She has everything gift wrapped, then gives the gift to the person I had intended them for - a girl who I was fast becoming friends with. It was a huge blow to my confidence, and an obvious slap in the face. I didn't stand a chance against this girl.

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