Wednesday, March 17, 2010

When Hannah speaks: a dictionary

In case of emergency . . .

= up, help
doon! = down
eech! = reach
touch! = high five
way = wave
nooz = nose
eyes = eyes, ears, shoulders, belly, knees
bee-bo = belly button (thank you, Sandra Boynton)
nook = mouth
togi = toes
doog. wan wan! = dog. woof woof!
titty. meeeeow! = kitty. meow!
titah. raaaa! = tiger. roar!
eh-pan. raaaa! = elephant. roar!
dada. raaaa! = Daddy. roar!
bee-bee. Awwww. = Baby. Awwww.
mama. Awwww. = Mama. Awwww.
orse. moooo! = horse! moooo!
pee. *snorting sound* = pig. *snorting sound*
dak. mooooo = cow. moooo!
go-dee-dah = gorilla
kong kong kong kong! = train
wees = please
tee-too = thank you
loonch? = lunch/breakfast/dinner/snack
niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilk? = milk
dooce = juice
wa-wak = water
push! = turn on the TV/flush the toilet/open the door
mooooooah? = more/(pointing) I want that
ahpoo = apple
nana = banana
tease = cheese
pan = bread
ah-dah! = all done
oishii! = yummy
teekee = stinky
Wee Wee Poo = Winnie the Pooh
bee bee tah-bah bah-bah = big bass thumper-bumper
Eeeeeee-me = Amy
Dack, Yak = Zach
Ee-ten = Ethan
hewo. coooo. = Hello. Cool.
nani? = what's this?
na-night = night night
mmmmmmmmm = (puckering lips) kiss please
ba-bye. syoo dee-der = bye bye. see you later.
ah-tide? = outside
wook wook! = look look!
inai inai . . . bah! = peek-a-boo!
no no = yes, no, maybe, I don't know, I'm too tired to answer, (pointing) I shouldn't touch that


Katie said...

I think I'll start referring to trains as "kong kong kong kong!," as well. Hannah's on to something here.

Suzie said...

Katie, I'm always impressed at how quickly you read my blogs. Thank you.

Marc said...

My favorites were the roaring animals.

Samantha said...

Hey you got a lot of her stuff recorded here! You should totally print these out. I already like looking at the stuff I wrote from Zara at various ages.

sidd finch said...

bee bee ta-bah bah-bah... leaves me wondering about how often she has occasion to use THAT little gem :) and in case you missed it, she's getting all older and stuff!

Suzie said...

Haha . . . it's actually a song the Sarah Hall Small sings in an episode of "The Wubulous World of Dr. Seuss." I know, I know . . . she'll be two next week . . . sigh.

Suzie said...