Sunday, March 21, 2010

When Hannah Eats: Limmericks and Poems

Thought a bottle-fed toddler, while drinking,
"My taste for this stuff is quite shrinking."
And in one minute flat, she threw up a whole vat,
And at snack time said, "That was smart thinking!"

A cruel vegetarian mama
Had a child with a small taste for drama
After lunch time she dealt
With Zach's BMT melt
Thus beginning her own meat-o-rama.

Licking the Butter off the Bread
(To the tune of Painting the Roses Red from Disney's Alice in Wonderland)

Licking the butter off the bread
Licking the butter off the bread!
She slurps and smiles at piles and miles
Of blissful, buttery spread
She should eat her carrots insteeeeeeeeead . . .
Of licking the butter off the bread!

A Meal Fit for Me
I don't want pasta with cheesy cream sauce
Keep lasagnas and stews from my sight.
No pizzas and curries while Mama, she hurries
To fill me up, no! Not a bite!

Miso and rice balls are temptingly tasty
Blueberries, apples, alright.
My taste is exotic, my palate quixotic
And so, you must realize my plight.

For starters I'd say the Legos flambe
Indeed, whet my appetite fine.
And if you agree, what a gem I can be
If you don't, I'll have cheese with my whine.

A salad of pennies, loose threads and dust bunnies
My taste buds will never lie fallow
And then, the main course, rusty shoe of a horse
Washed down with three leaves of aloe.

Dessert, you could say, in an eloquent way
Is deserving of sweetest grandeur.
A hairball, some floss and some liverwort moss
Topped off with a fly-fishing lure.

But we're not quite through, for I really must chew
Bubble gum - 15 packs, quite alone.
A cup full of ice, some small plastic dice
Shards of glass, and a yellow snow cone.


"Wees?" she says, "Wees?"
And you just can't ignore
Those sad hungry eyes,
Then she smiles
And croons, "Moooooooore?"

by Suzie (Mama) Stephensen


Samantha said...

That's cute! Seems like it took a lot of work!

Suzie said...


Aileena said...

you're adorable! I love it.

Suzie said...

Hey, thanks! I was kind of sad at the low number of comments on this one. I know, so self-centered of me. :)

Really, thank you ladies.