Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Still here

Just not HERE. I'm decompressing after the whirlwind that was our Thanksgiving party. 15 adults and 5 children - the most people I've ever hosted. I'm told I kept my cool pretty well, but to be honest I hardly remember a thing. It was like there was some gooey glaze over my perception and awareness. I don't know if I was completely present. I've been feeling this a lot lately - a sense of absenteeism and infinite sleepiness. The days following the party have been one big nap after another, broken up by reading and leftover-pie breaks. I tell myself it's temporary - that I've earned the right to indulge. Why do I feel so guilty then?

I packed a big box of books to take to the meeting tomorrow. Time to start selling off the junk. I can't believe Kansas is a little more than a month away.

I'll be back.


Debi Hobelman said...

Selling moving back?

Suzie said...

Yeppers. :)