Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hannanigans III

These are probably boring to anyone but me and I. Care. Not. :)


Samantha said...

She is really joyful. Just seems like a joy of a baby. When she starts talking you'll have to let us all know if she's doing any Japanese. I've already thought with sadness that if Zara was exposed to another language right now, she'd totally be speaking that one too.

I love that video of Hans making her laugh. That really made me smile. Admittedly, mostly b/c I love watching William do that same thing to Zara and hearing the resulting giggles. So heartwarming. What a cheesy word but so accurate!

Suzie said...

Yes, we really want her to learn some Japanese while we're here. She needs to spend more time with Megumi!

I don't know if you ever have this problem with William, but whenever I try to film Hans and Hannah together I get all kinds of griping from Hans. "Agh. Don't film this. Don't use up the memory card. Why do you always have to film?" Seriously! I have to edit out his grumpiness sometimes. If you notice on the one where she's groaning during her breakfast, you can hear Hans murmuring. Silly boy.

But still. Very heartwarming. And cheesy. :)

Amy said...

loved, loved, loved the video of Hans herding her around the bed, I had happy tear running down my face. It is really neat to see the nurturing protective side of Hans! Can't wait to see her perform, in person!!