Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rice Cooker Bread

Between the time the bread came out of the cooker and when I grabbed my camera, this was all that was left...
This turned out kind of dense, like panini (which I love). It's also fun to experiment with. The second time I made it, I added wheat germ (since you can't buy whole wheat flour here) and basil flakes. I also used plain yogurt because I was out of milk, which made it a little sour-doughey (nods to Travis, the sourdough master). Next time, roasted red onions...

Click here for a highly entertaining instructional video with English subtitles. ;)

Ingredients (sorry they're all in metric...who makes bread in a rice cooker outside of Asia??)

350g Bread Flour
21g Butter
21g Sugar
35ml Milk
180ml warm Water
5g Dry Yeast
6.5g Salt

These instructions are from another blog; beg pardon for weird grammar...

"1. Mix some of the 180 ml of warm water with the yeast and set aside.
2. Mix remaining ingredients except butter in rice cooker pot. Knead until all the ingredients combine together and you can shape it into a ball.
4. Take the ball of dough and put the butter into the center of the dough. Knead the butter into the dough until it combines together and the dough becomes less oily and less sticky. Shape into a ball shape again.
5. Leave the dough in the rice cooker pot and cover with a cloth, let it rise for an hour in a warm area(primary fermentation).
6. After an hour, lift the dough and drop it from a height of 50cm to release the air trapped inside the dough. (DO NOT punch the dough, they were very adamant about it in the video!)
7. Put it back into the pot, cover and let it rise again for another hour(secondary fermentation).
8. Put pot with risen dough into the rice cooker, set timer for 1 hour.
9. After it finishes the 1st cycle, turn it over using a spatula. Start the 2nd cycle of 1 hour.
10. After the 2nd cycle, turn it over again. Start the last and final cycle(weee!)
11. When the 3rd cycle has completed, remove the bread and leave it on a wire rack to cool.

1. I poured out 180ml of warm water and used part of it to mix the yeast, because I read somewhere that someone had problems with a sticky dough, so I didn’t want to add too much water.
2. In the final cycle, I would suggest that you check on your rice cooker because for my case, the thermostat kept shortening the overall cooking time because the rice cooker was hot inside and didn’t need the time to heat up the food that was inside."

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