Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mood boosters

For those times when I just need to feel like a woman again...

1. Take a hot bath with bubbles.
2. Exfoliate.
3. Use aromatherapy lotion or oil.
4. Brush your teeth.
5. Paint your toenails.
6. Clean your mirror and say "Hello, gorgeous!"
7. Drink a glass of water
8. Write something down that you've already completed, just so you can cross it off.
9. Tear up all those crumpled receipts in your wallet.
10. Eat an apple.
11. Make your bed.
12. Pluck your eyebrows.
13. Clean out your junk drawer. Throw away all dried up pens.
14. Read a chapter of a good book.
15. Make birthday cards for all the birthdays this month.
16. Turn off cell phone and computer. Enjoy 30 minutes of solitude and quiet.
17. Plan the week's meals.
18. Hand write a letter to a friend who lives far away.
19. Update framed pictures.
20. Go on a walk. Alone, if you can.
21. Turn up the music and dance.
22. Throw away or compost all the expired food in your refrigerator.
23. Make yourself a healthy, satisfying lunch.
24. Make a slide show of the past year of photos.
25. Take a nap.

Take a deep breath. It'll be ok.

1 comment:

Aileena said...

Amen. Honestly, I do so many of those. I wish we had more apples. Rick's been in charge of groceries, and apples are expensive. And I also wish Rick understood what its like to take a nap. They are miracle workers. With that in mind, I am going to grab me some beauty sleep right now.