Monday, January 19, 2009

The Holidays

Ok, I just need to get this blog done so I can start writing again. Every time I get on to blog, I think "oh yeah, I still haven't done a blog about Christmas and New Year's. But that means I have to load a bunch of pictures. Guess I'll do it later." RAR! So here, it is, our Christmas in Korea.

Bulgogi House in Osan

Hans in a magic show at the local high school
We had a great time with Katie and Travis. It didn't really feel like visiting Korea so much as a mini America. We only left the Airforce base a handful of times, and we were completely content staying inside all day playing Wii and doing puzzles. THIS is what a vacation is supposed to be.

Hannah loved being with her cousins Kasen and Kayla. It was kind of sad when we came home, because she was definitely feeling their absence. Now whenever she sees other children, she flaps her arms and pants with excitement.

We spent New Years with Megumi, who prepared the usual (and DELICIOUS) shabu-shabu. It was a wonderful way to ring in the new year. She is so good to us.


Samantha said...

Arg. She made that for us when we were there once, and beside the time she took us to that awesome Udon restaurant up on that hill, I'm sure she's taken you there, it was one of the best meals I've ever had. So that Udon restaurant was number 1, and Megumi's shabu shabu is close behind. Tell her I said that. I am very jealous of the food you get to eat!! But I get Taco Bell, which I always missed in Japan.

Suzie said...

Whenever one of our family members visits, Megumi 1. makes shabu shabu, and 2. takes us to that udon restaurant. It is fantastic udon. I don't miss Taco Bell, but I do get a craving for Quiznos every once in a while!