Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hello Again

I know I've neglected this space. But guess what? I've re-named it, and that's a start. I'm also fiddling about with a new look, so please excuse the construction zone. I'm not as technologically savvy as perhaps I should be for my generation.

I also have this keeping me busy:

 . . . and as such, I am a slave to these wonderful plants of mine, and the produce they are producing. This is our first year gardening and I'm afraid our eyes were a bit bigger than our, uh, plot of land. Still, it has been a great learning experience, and we should be reaping the benefits from our 32 (yes, 32) tomato plants all winter long.

So bear with me (I don't really know what there is to bear) as I do some housekeeping, some regrouping, some tomato tending, and some thought gathering.


Courtney Thompson said...

your garden looks fantastic! i'm so thrilled you are enjoying it. i really wish i had some outdoor space here to have a garden... for now the herbs on my window sill will have to do! love the new blog look!! hugs to everyone. love you!!

Suzie said...

Courtney, I love you! I love that I can always count on a comment from you, no matter how long it's been! ;) Miss you tons!