Thursday, November 18, 2010

8 weeks, 6 days and 13 hours later . . .

No excuses, except I have a life! Here's what's in it:

1. Hannah looks like this:
. . . and it kills me to see her getting so pretty, so big, so fast.

2. We went to the Renaissance Festival and met these guys:
 . . . and Hannah got to ride an "Element."

3. Halloween looked something like this:
Hannah couldn't choose between the dragon costume, the tutu, and the butterfly wings, so we told people she was a "dragon-fly."

4. I've been crocheting a lot. Unfortunately I can't post many pictures because I'm giving my projects away as Christmas gifts, but here's a preview of cuteness to come:


5. Hannah has been working hard on Christmas gifts as well. Here are some sneak peeks of her beautiful watercolor work:

6. We had a new addition to the family for about a day. A little woolly bear caterpillar we affectionately named "Hairy." Hannah still asks about him long after we set him free.

7. I submitted my application for grad school yesterday! Yay!


maken designs said...

welcome back! i've been thinking about reappearing on my blog... but there's just so much to do 7 so little time! ;)

Erin_Skidmore said...

i need one of your hats! how much????

Suzie said...

Haha, you and your sister think alike! $20 a hat. Let me know if you're interested, and if so, what colors you want!

Hilary Dow-Ward said...

What degree are you thinking of doing?
I'm not surprised she is so pretty, she takes after her Mom!

Suzie said...

Aw, you're sweet Hil! I'm going to try for an MM in vocal performance.

Samantha said...

You going to grad school is awesome! That will be intense for sure! Is Hans in school right now too?
Hannah IS getting so pretty and big. She's always been pretty though!
That caterpillar was beautiful.
Those hats are ADORABLE!! Well done.

Suzie said...

Hey you! Good to hear from you! Hans is just finishing up EMT school. He has his state and national exams next month. Very exciting! So he'll be done and hopefully in a steady job by January. Then it's my turn to go to school!

Aileena said...

wow, lots going on! you are really talented with crocheting.and good luck with KU. Hope you get in.