Saturday, February 6, 2010

No offense, Leavenworth . . .

. . . but you're kind of ugly. I know you're having lots of work done right now . . . new schools, new football stadium, a shiny new Walmart that's twice as big as the old one but seems to carry half the amount of products and supplies . . . but you've become that place, Leavenworth. You know . . . the one where the sun don't shine. No, really. The sun never shines. EVER.

Mud. That's all Leavenworth is. Just a big, squishy pile of mud. And it's not even the fun kind of mud. It's rotting-organic-matter mud. It's so gritty that walking sounds like scratching your fingernails on a chalkboard mud. It's I don't have shoes grungy enough for this mud. It's did I just step in dog s&!#? No, that's just mud that smells like dog s&!# mud. Icky, sticky, ewey gooey mud. Gross.

I had high hopes for Groundhog's Day. Fingers crossed, Hannah and I went to the public library's story time where the stories were all about groundhogs and the craft was a cute little paper groundhog on a stick that pops out of a styrofoam cup (because really, who doesn't love groundhog on a stick?) I paid my homage. I prayed for an early spring, despite the weatherman's jolly prediction for not one but TWO major snow storms headed toward the Midwest in the next two weeks. Alas. The groundhog gods were not kind this year. The ones in Leavenworth, I think, must have been particularly peeved at the state of things above ground.

"Have I been sleeping in s&!#?"

"No, it's just mud that smells like s&!#."

" Oh. I guess a few more weeks won't hurt then."

In other news, Hannah has new teeth! Two more to go and then she'll be done teething for a while, which is such a relief since her favorite things to teethe on happen to be:

1. pennies
2. computer cords
3. rocks (of which there are a surprising number in my parents' house. *facepalm*)
4. legos (but only the tiny ones)
5. toys in public places
6. Leavenworth mud

. . . oh and glass Christmas ornaments! Note to new parents: never buy glass ball ornaments. And if you take your child to a place where there might be glass ball ornaments (i.e. Grandma's house where it's been a good 20 years since anything's needed to be baby-proofed), teach them the difference between said ornaments and, say, a big juicy apple. Hannah missed that memo and consequently we spent a few days picking tiny glass shards out of her teeth, face and diaper. Oh stress, thy name is parenthood!

It'll be nice if and when the sun decides to show its well-rested face. Until then you can find us energetically twiddling our thumbs during "Toddler Time" at the Community Center on Monday and Wednesday mornings, story time at the library on Tuesday mornings, and starting next month we'll be taking a baby-and-mom swim class on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. When I'm not preventing Hannah's self-destruction, I'm looking for piano and voice students (I have two about to sign up) and making tulle-tastic toddler tutus (say that five times fast) with my sister for the spring craft bazaar on February 20th. Anyone in the Leavenworth area should come - it's from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm in the Community Center's gymnasium. I'm also playing in the KMEA's annual multi-piano concert with my dear friend and old college roommate Tenessa on February 14th at 4:00 at KU's Lied Center. Try to imagine, if you can, a piano duet rendition of the electrifying song "Defying Gravity" from the hit Broadway musical "Wicked." Cool, huh? It gets better. Now multiply that piano by 18. I don't have words to describe the awesomeness that is multi-piano performing. It's $5. Be there. And bring a cheap date.

That's all for now, except that I do need to say one more thing. I took Hannah on her first and last outing to McDonalds today. I was desperate. I told you you were ugly, Leavenworth. See what you've driven me to? Now I think I owe someone $100 . . . or was it $5? Anyone want a free ticket to a concert? Anyone?

Next blog: Culture (or lack thereof) Shock!


Tenessa said...

Look at you! Finding lots to do. You are doing great, dear Suzie!

Suzie said...

Ha. In my circumstances its the only way for me to stay sane. Thanks, dear Tenessa. ;)

Suzie said...


TheBorman5 Plus1 said...

I agree on the ugly Leavenworth. We went through on our way to Wa and I was in shock. The tutu's are adorable!

Samantha said...

Those are sweet tutus. I want one for Zara! I enjoy your blogs, and look forward to hearing more about your transition back into US-life.
Winter with a little kid is so hard. :(

sidd finch said...

i feel the same way about LV. it hasn't ALWAYS been that way, has it? i seem to recall grass, at least in the field around muncie elementary, which is conspicuously smaller than it once was. i think.

Suzie said...

Well, if we aren't very successful at the craft fair, Samantha and Rachel, you might be seeing the tutus on Etsy. ;)

You know Jeff, I don't think it always has. I've called Leavenworth home for 24 years now, and I always thought it was a rather lovely rural little town. Even this past summer it looked a lot better - before all of the construction. I don't know if it's because of winter or if I'm just a little more jaded after living in prettier places, but the ugliness of old LV is kickin' my optimism's butt right now. Hehe. I'm going to leave that sentence up, because it's so dumb I like it.

And yes. Winter with a toddler is SO. HARD!

Thanks for your comments guys! It's good to be back - both in the states and blogging. :)