Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Frauenliebe und Leben - parts 5 and 6

I dislike almost everything about this next song, Helft mir ihr Schwestern. If the rest of the cycle weren't so beautiful, I wouldn't bother. In fact, I might just cut this one if and when I perform the set. I don't know if it's me being . . . a tomboy? A feminist? Proud? All I know is that I puke a little in my mouth when I sing it - and that's so not good for my voice. Let my bow to my master and Lord? My eyes are rolling out of their sockets.

This next piece, however, is one of the sweetest, most poignant and vulnerable songs in the cycle, and it's hard to sing without weeping - also not good for the voice. Sigh. The occupational hazards of being emotionally involved to your work. SΓΌsser Freund, or "Sweet Friend," captures the sweet and sudden shyness that penetrates an intimate relationship when change, both magnificent and scary, is on the horizon. This beautiful confession is my second favorite of the cycle.

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