Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A denim story: weighting for the right time

First, this:

Ok, you won't usually hear me talk about personal body issues on here, because really? Who cares? But I'm just as guilty of weight-loss and skinniness jealousy as the next person. These last few pounds of baby weight have taken some work to shed (especially when my breastfeeding body decides it needs 10 extra pounds of "reserves" for a rainy day), and now that I have no jeans that fit?

So. Not. Cute.

Maybe I can make a quilt...or a parachute...or something else that's big. I've never been one for fashion - I think I bought these jeans when my sister FORCED me to buy new jeans about 4 years ago when I was a little heavier (she also made me throw away the old ones, which had endearingly nostalgic Emerald City green paint stains from set building in high school) . Lucky I'm going to Rhode Island to see her again, because I've gone from fat and frumpy to thin and frumpy, and there isn't much difference in the self esteem department there. Hans keeps saying "why bother? You're just going to get pregnant again, and then the new jeans won't fit." That might be true, but what about the meantime? I'm not going to sit on my skinny butt and wait for the weight. I have my pride! And maybe when I come home in my new sexy skinny jeans, baby-making might get just a little easier. . .


Katie said...

First of all: Where did your baby go? Hannah looks like a little girl! Bring back the cheeks! Start feeding her Crisco or something!

Second of all: If you can't talk about your butt on your blog, where can you? You really look great! :) Hope your upcoming travels go smoothly. Call or email if you'll be in our neck of the woods!

Aileena said...

First congrats on the weight-loss. And I so get the need to fit in jeans. It is okay to have skinny jeans. You'll need a goal pair to get into when you are done having the second.

Samantha said...

Gah, you are really skinny so don't even think you need to lose weight!!! But I say, if you want to, do what you want before you get pregnant again and you'll be in better shape for the next pregnancy! Not that you are in bad shape b/c you are in great shape.

Brandon and Cody Roper said...

Amen sister. Fat and frumpy, and thin and frumpy - there really isn't much difference in the self esteem department there!!! You dang well deserve a cuter than heck pair of jeans!! Hank will love it once he sees it...

...Nordstrom's Rack (the outlet) usually pulls through for me :)

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